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Amateur Photographer12 min read
More Lens For Your Money
I'm sure we all know the feeling – a highly desirable new lens is announced that would, surely, give an extra creative impetus to your photography. The only problem is the sky-high price. I've lost count of the number of times I've got to the end of
Amateur Photographer3 min read
Viewpoint Jon Bentley
In telly we often hire our camera kit, and the people I know in that particular business say it's booming. I'm rarely tempted to rent gear for my own photography though. I did hire a fisheye lens once to take a few shots of roundabouts, of all things
Amateur Photographer3 min read
Final Analysis
At school I was told to produce a project that compared the work of a famous European with that of a British person in the same field. I can’t recall how I’d come across German photographer Walter Nurnberg, but I decided to hold his portraits next to