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wonder? I recently drank tea from chipped mugs with a good friend of mine, a proper professional classic motorcycle man. I rely on Chris to get my bikes working after I’ve already fixed them, ensuring that he gets to earn double the fee he’d normally receive from a punter; such is my generosity. One such prospective customer had recently shown him a BSA twin in need of some work. Between slurps of brew, I pretended to see clearly the images on his phone without my glasses on. Through

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Classic Bike Guide2 min read
Tony Rutter’s Greatest Races with Pat Slinn
The engine used in Tony’s Formula 1 entry for this race was the one that Ducati gave to us for the 1983 Daytona battle of the twins (BOTT) and 200 mile races. This engine still had cast iron cylinder liners, the cylinders with the chrome lined bores
Classic Bike Guide1 min read
Remove That Damn Bolt!
Various manufacturers utilise subtly different methods of building telescopic forks, but the MO is generally similar. Generally it’s best to remove the damper rod bolt out of the fork leg first. This way the spring is under compression holding the da
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IT’S HARD TO KNOW WHAT TO WRITE. LIKE so many people, I have family members who are vulnerable. Like so many businesses, it’s uncertain how the coming months will play out. That said, in the lull before the effects of all this bite, the world feels s