The Classic MotorCycle

Pride and prejudice

practically all activities, there’s a hierarchy of status, and motorcycling is no exception. The owner of a vintage Brough Superior would have felt, er, superior to his neighbour with a Baby Triumph, and today’s purchaser of a brand-new Brough Superior probably feels the same way about a lad with a twist and go moped. Well I get all that and I suppose it’s inevitable when the money laid out on the Broughs would buy literally dozens of their smaller contemporaries. And – like

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The Classic MotorCycle5 min read
News & Events
Creative engineer and epic special builder Allen Millyard will one be one of the guests of honour at Stafford this October, at the Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show over October 19/20, and will be showcasing some of his remarkable home-built machines
The Classic MotorCycle8 min read
End Of An Era
By the summer of 1923, planning was well underway for the first Amateur Tourist Trophy (TT), scheduled for September 20 of that year. On the day, 29 riders astride 500cc racers and another four on 350s were flagged away for their five laps of the ‘pr
The Classic MotorCycle7 min read
I’ll Do That Later…
I doubt anyone who has assembled a motorcycle of any sort will be surprised to hear it’s not the big bits which take the time, but the smaller details. What I’m talking about here is the ancillary components – oil pump, oil lines and the myriad tiny