The Classic MotorCycle

The last Tommy

The story of the military Armstrong is an interesting one -a tale of circumstance and opportunism, of spotting an opening and some lateral thinking to take advantage of it.

It involves a dizzying multitude of names, from different countries - Bolton-based CCM (and its then parent company, Armstrong) from Britain,

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The Classic MotorCycle8 min read
Relationships Rekindled
As the Villiers two-stroke crackled into life, I was transported back to the day in 1972 when, on a cold November morning, I made my trials debut on a similar Greeves Scottish in a Shepton Mallet open to centre event on the Mendip Hills in Somerset.
The Classic MotorCycle4 min read
Turning Points
There is no getting away from it – restorations can be gargantuan efforts. Sometimes days are spent, for no visible headway at all. You know what it is like, the times when you are faced with the umpteenth seized nut and bolt which have to come out f
The Classic MotorCycle2 min read
Tough Challenge For Judges
Elk Promotions events at the huge field on the outskirts of Hamstreet in Kent are always popular. From just about any direction, the local roads make it a pleasant ride, evidenced by long lines of parked bikes. The entries at the Romney Marsh Classic