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Detroit Rock Cooper
THERE ARE FEW THINGS ALICE COOPER loves more than telling a good story, especially one with vibrant characters, tons of action, and horrific scares that unfold one verse at a time. But for Detroit Stories, the shock rocker, 73, turned to his hometown
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Robin Thicke
ALBUM ON EARTH, AND IN HEAVEN LABEL LUCKY MUSIC/EMPIRE GENRE SOUL THE LAST WE SAW OF ROBIN Thicke, he’d gone headfirst into a romantic abyss. After the controversy surrounding “Blurred Lines”—the chart-topping single that led to a multimillion-dollar
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Long Maya She Reign
MAYA RUDOLPH KNOWS THAT YOU KNOW HER. EVEN IF SHE’S NOT QUITE sure how you’re sure that it’s, you know, her. “I was on a plane recently—well, back when we could fly—and the lady was like, ‘Do you want an apple?’” the actress and comedian, 48, recalls