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1 In New York’s most recent issue, Justin Davidson surveyed Hudson Yards, “a privatized idyll, where the concept of public good stops at the property line,” and Carl Swanson introduced us to the developer behind it, Stephen Ross (“I Have a Feeling We’re Not in New York Anymore,” February 18–March 3). James A. Parrott, director of economic and fiscal policies at the Center for New York City Affairs at the New School, explained, “Dripping with irony

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HERE IS ONE starting point for contemplating a second Trump term: The Ukraine scandal only became a Trump scandal because Ukraine refused to submit to a pair of presidential demands that would have been fairly easy to satisfy. If Ukrainian president
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WHEN AUTHOR Wendy C. Ortiz singled out My Dark Vanessa on Twitter for being similar to her 2014 memoir, Excavation, people began to accuse Russell of plagiarism and cultural appropriation. JANUARY 19 The Tweet That Started It Ortiz tweets about My
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Prodigal Classic
DID YOU KNOW they’re doing “spoiler alert” warnings in books now? There one is, printed in the preamble to Claude McKay’s Romance in Marseille: “New readers are advised that this introduction makes details of the plot explicit.” It’s interesting to i