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Head Spa at Masa.Kanai

Head Spa


570 Columbus Ave., nr. 88th St. 917-409-2432

Often compared to a facial, but for your scalp, the popular-in-Japan “head spa” has recently made its way to the U.S. One of its main proselytizers, Ritsuko Borges, has been kneading, cleansing, and steaming happy heads in the back room of an Upper West Side salon since last March. The Ayurveda-influenced massage-slash-cleanse is meant to stimulate blood flow and in turn help balance scalps dealing with dandruff, psoriasis, or hair loss. Borges, who did all this for about a decade in Japan, starts by rubbing her client’s head with a wandlike doodad that projects a magnified image of the scalp onto a computer screen in all its damaged, often yellowed glory. She then creates a cleansing concoction that she’ll use throughout a 60-minute ($140) or 90-minute ($190) session, which takes place in an extremely comfortable recliner, client’s head in sink. Each elaborate treatment involves a steam-therapy bag; a “hydro-dhara” waterfall, wherein an “aromatherapeutic distillate” drip-drops onto the scalp; and lots of shampooing, conditioning, and head massaging. One leaves feeling like a puddle of jelly and possessing an extremely

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