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The Shift
WE’RE PAST THE days of new versions of iOS or macOS bringing huge new features on a yearly basis. There’s still a lot of scope for refinement (in iOS especially), but we’re a long way from the thrill of downloading immediately on update day to play w
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43 Mojave power Tips
DO YOU EVER think “There must be a better way to do this simple thing”, but you’re at a loss over how or where to do it? Welcome to the club! Even people who’ve used Macs for years miss out on invaluable shortcuts that can, over months and years, hel
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Create Your Own QR Codes
REQUIRES iOS 12, the Shortcuts app YOU WILL LEARN To make Shortcuts that create QR codes containing useful info IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes SHORTCUTS IS A new app in iOS 12, and its handy uses are nearly infinite. Every shortcut is built around actions —