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Sonos IKEA Symfonisk Lamp Speaker
$150 From IKEA, Features AirPlay 2, light (LED bulb E14 max 7w) Needs iOS 11.4 or later You’d be forgiven for thinking the Symfonisk is merely an IKEA lamp with a few drivers tuned by Sonos, but both this and the bookshelf speaker opposite s
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ALONG WITH PHOTOGRAPHY, photo editing has become something we do every day. Doing it properly, though, still takes specialist software that‘s quite demanding of computing power and can be complicated to use. Fortunately, the A–series processors in to
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IPhone 11 This Year’s Must–have?
AT ITS ANNUAL Fall special event in September, Apple introduced iPhone 11 and also its first “Pro” smartphone line, iPhone 11 Pro, which comes in two sizes, including a “Max” version. The new–generation iPhones raise the bar in several ways, includin