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IF YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE for billing your work time, you’ll probably relate to the immortal words of ZZ Top: “You know I gotsta get paid.” Whether it’s cutting hair or consulting, it’s essential you accurately track your time.

Timely Automatic Time Tracking (from $7/mo) makes that easy. It’s a cloud–based service that’s accessible almost everywhere. It enables you to create projects, assign hourly rates, and apply tags for

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This year’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) was one of the most feature–packed for years, and much of the good news was for Mac users, with lots of improvements and additions — both visible and under the hood — coming to macOS Catalina. There
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Quick–fire Questions & Answers
CAN I SWITCH APP STORES TO BUY SOME REGIN-SPECIFIC APPS? There are two ways of doing this. Apple’s official route detailed at involves changing the country for your Apple ID, which is only suitable if you’re moving. But you can create a
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Clean Up, Back Up
KEEPING OLD FILES won’t slow down your Mac; it just ignores them. But you’ll have problems if your drive gets close to full. Auto defragmentation will start to struggle, macOS may not have room to swap data while multitasking, and apps that use “scra