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After a period marked by the entry into service of remotorized models, which have dominated the aeronautical industry over the last five years in the regular aviation market, and some setbacks, a series of novelties is coming to view in the horizon of 2019.


The year promises to be marked by the A220 program, recently acquired by Airbus. The CSeries project, which was near to be closed by Bombardier, was strengthened when been incorporated by Airbus, which has formalized a series of new contracts, in addition to confirm that it will begin to produce the aircraft also in its manufacturing unit in the United States. Delta Air Lines, the first model’s customer in the country, was followed by jetBlue, which ordered the A220to substitute the current of EMBRAER E-Jet in service. Moreover, Airbus has also formalized an agreement with the new company of David Neeleman, which promises to revolutionize many things in the air transport. On the other hand, Airbus sees the market desisting of the A380, which even having its first model entering into service in Japan, by All Nippon Airways, has not got any other customer. The program that has promised to revolutionize the air transport has become an expensive

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