Small yet Spacious

As our population booms, blocks of land have become a hot commodity. Houses have become bigger and, consequently, the good ol’ Aussie backyard has shrunk, becoming no more than a postage stamp size in which to place a barbecue or table to enjoy the warmer months.

However, this does not mean you can’t have a beautiful entertaining space to call your own, and the owners

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The Makers
This highly evocative courtyard garden was literally the star of the show. The Loggia, designed by Tract Consultants and built by PTA Landscapes, swept the field to win four awards: the City of Melbourne Award of Excellence for Best in Show, Gold Sho
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Planting Planner
You can grow plants from seed or cuttings, but if you don’t have the time, patience or confidence for that, you can pop along to the garden centre and buy seedlings or more mature plants. However, before you get to the actual planting part, you need
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Poo Brew
Manure tea is similar in nature to compost tea. Manure tea conditions the soil, assisting plant roots to take up nutrients. It helps plants develop stronger root systems and thus more vigorous foliage. Manure tea enriches the soil with much-needed nu