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'Sick of hiding': the refugee family fleeing the mafia and Canadian authorities

An Italian family hoped to find safe haven in Canada from organized crime. Now they’re facing deportation
The Demitri family are set to be deported back to Italy, where they fear reprisals from the mafia. Photograph: Leyland Cecco

After Alessandra Demitri meets someone for the first time, she quickly notes down which of her three wigs she was wearing, and which false name she used.

Her husband, Fabrizio, does the same, recording when and where he has employed a rotating selection of beards and moustaches, piercings, and fake tattoos.

The precautions they take are not to protect them from Sacra Corona Unita, the powerful Italian crime syndicate whose threats forced them to leave Italy.

Instead, the disguises are to help the Demitris hide from authorities in Canada – the very country they hoped would provide them a safe haven.

Alessandra, who has several family members in the mafia, and Fabrizio, an exposed police informant, fled Italy in 2013 with their two sons, after the couple ran afoul of the

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