German Man Who Poisoned Coworkers Sentenced To Life In Prison

The 57-year-old offered no clues about what prompted him to lace coworkers' food with toxic metals. A psychologist said he "seemed to me like a scientist who was testing substances on a guinea pig."
Klaus O, whose last name cannot be revealed due to privacy laws, worked for nearly four decades at a metal fitting company in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany. He was caught on camera sprinkling poisonous heavy metals on his coworkers' food and drinks. Source: W. Meier

A German man who poisoned several coworkers for years, sprinkling toxic metals into their food and drinks, was convicted on charges of attempted murder and sentenced to life in prison on Thursday.

By most accounts Klaus O., whose last name cannot be revealed due to German privacy laws, generally kept to himself, often wearing headphones, during

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