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One of the challenges of “First Man” was bringing to the spectator the personal history of a world renowned man for having set foot on the Moon. Neil Armstrong was raised to world hero in the late sixties, but he has always maintained a simple and reserved life. The movie is directed by young director Damien Chazelle, only

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Eight Trends In Private Aviation
A sentence of Heraclitus has defined its work: “Nobody enters twice in the same river, since, when this occurs, the person is not the same, as well as the waters are already other ones”. The same may be said about business aviation. It is a market wi
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The First Business Jets
An unprecedented growth in the use of aircrafts as civilian transport means has market the period following World War Two. Driven by the technological progress of the conflict years, by the improvement of airport infrastructure and by a dramatic quan
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1951 - 1960
At the start of 1950s, was evident that the area of Santos Dumont Airport didn t had space to meet the crescent demand from the city of Rio de Janeiro. A solution found was to build (at the same time it was decided to built in the Galeão Air Base, wh