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20 years of blinding progress!

THIS issue marks the end of the 20th year of , coming two issues after our landmark 250th edition, and one before our actual 20th anniversary. It seems like yesterday that we launched what we hoped would be a fresh, unfettered, modern outlook on the preservation scene, and not only were we welcomed

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Heritage Railway2 min read
Do Many Smaller Lines Face Prospect Of Going Under?
I RECENTLY attended a gala day at one of our minor railways. Perhaps because of the competition, the weather, or the fact that it was during the holiday season, fewer than 100 people attended. Having time to contemplate between attractions, it occurr
Heritage Railway3 min read
Railway’s Act Of Spite Against Local Resident Still Debated 120 Years Later
THE history of Britain’s railways is littered with disagreements and disputes between landowners, local residents, and companies, particularly in its early formative years when the country was polarised between those who welcomed this new form of tra
Heritage Railway3 min read
All Four Of The Big Four To The Fore At Stoneleigh
THE leading results at Great Central’s September 7 sale at Stoneleigh Park were railway democracy in action, with each of the Big Four sharing the top four realisations. To nobody’s surprise, the LNER was at the top of the Premier League table with E