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Pacific Highs
My husband, Neil, and I had left Mexico in March on board Distant Drummer, our Liberty 458 sloop, with a plan to spend the rest of the year on a leisurely cruise down the west coast of Central America. It was in this way that, after enjoying the deli
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From The Editor: Back To The Future
The news of Don McIntyre’s reinvention of the original Whitbread race (see p18) raises some interesting questions about the psychology of modern sailing. The thought of a fully crewed race around the world employing none of the technology and little
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Ask Sail
Q: This past winter I did a bareboat charter aboard a 38ft cruising catamaran. I was once again impressed by how heavy and massively built the mainsail was. Why does this always seem to be the case on multihulls? (The headsails seem to be pretty much