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Javicia Leslie

The government contractor turned actress (yep!) prioritizes fitness—daily.

As a star in not one but two hit TV shows, Leslie isn’t, and on Tuesday, she kicks ass as the daughter in a crime fam on BET’s . As if playing both roles wasn’t enough of a workout, Leslie frequently bounces between L.A. and NYC for filming. Her secret to balancing it all? Exercise. For the self-proclaimed “gym rat,” movement boosts her creativity and confidence, and doing something every day is a must. No matter her sched, the actress makes each sweat sesh a reality by FaceTiming her boot camp coach to keep up with her favorite HIIT program. And when she can’t phone a friend, Leslie blasts her tunes (cue old-school funk) and does an online strength-training program from her trainer or a quick abs routine—with help from a few packable essentials.

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