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Feeling the Burn
I could tell something was off one morning last summer when I went to the bathroom and saw what appeared to be grainy bourbon swirling around in my toilet bowl. (Sorry if I’ve forever ruined your fave whiskey for ya!) Startling, oh yes. Thinking back
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Sweat, Then Sip
Electrolyte tablets aren’t only for endurance buffs: Weekend warriors and wellness aficionados are adding a healthy hit of Nuun, a popular electro brand, to their water bottles to enhance their hydration with a li’l potassium and a lot of fizz. “Elec
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Happier Hour
I’m never drinking again. Ever uttered that line? You and everyone. The love/hate affair with alcohol is real—and it’s why a wave of women are dipping their toes in the sober-curious movement, or shifting to sipping less or not at all as they soak up