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hese extra steps might sound tedious, but they can prevent your products from ending up in a landfill. Your local recovery facility sells your recyclables to a third party that handles all the processing. A load that is dirty or damp can be turned away and sent straight to the trash, so consider going the extra

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Beauty Closet MVPs
“My skin takes a beating from grimy city air. This primer both blurs pores and strengthens my skin’s protective barrier.” —Kristina Rodulfo, beauty director “Housed in a recyclable bottle, this three-ingredient mist fights bacteria and inflammation;
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Thyroid 101
An estimated two out of three people with thyroid symptoms wait over a year to get a diagnosis—a BFD, because the butterfly-shaped gland controls your metabolism and secretes hormones that can affect your period, mood, weight, energy, and more. Yet m
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Pleasure Principle
You could eat an apple a day in the name of your health, orrrr you could have an orgasm: The two are comparable in the body-benefits department, though one is way more fun. Studies show sex can relieve headaches, improve sleep, lengthen life span, an