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“Only those who play win. Only those who risk win. History favors risk-takers. Forgets the timid. Everything else is commentary.” - Iveta Cherneva

First of all, let’s dismiss the doomsayers, those who would tell us that recent downturns in motorcycle sales mean the end of our much-loved recreation. There are still plenty of people buying bikes. Sure, sales of the mega-costly touring bikes are down significantly. It’s quite possible that the reason usually advanced

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Australian Motorcyclist9 min read
“Don’t Mourn, Organise”
THERE’S A TOTALLY unnecessary amount of mourning in the motorcycle community. Whenever I talk to other riders, someone is bound to pipe up with “I wish I could do the rides that you do…” Now mourning is cool; it’s a very human reaction to loss. But i
Australian Motorcyclist2 min read
You’re Welcome
Run by people who are masters of the subtle art of making locals feel at home and visitors feel welcome, this is a pub that deserves its accolades. It’s beautifully situated for riders on the commute north from Sydney and no matter how you wish to sp
Australian Motorcyclist3 min read
Fine Wine And Carvings
THIS IS A RELATIVELY short ride but one that is simply a lot of fun. It includes some awesome corners ready to be carved and when you get off the bike the Hunter Valley serves up loads of fine wine for tasting. The administrative centre of the City o