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This Car Saved My Life


We’re airborne. I’m a passenger in a supercar with the roof down and we’re hurtling down the side of this mountain. I noticed the speedometer at 110 before I saw the road snake hard to the right, a sickening feeling flooding my body as we start… flying. My eyes clamp shut, I bear-hug myself, willing my six-foot-two-inch frame to disappear.

—UUUUUCK! I am going to die. I assumed if I ever died in a car, I’d be the one driving. Let it be quick. I don’t want to slowly asphyxiate after breaking my neck. That would suc—

A massive impact jerks the car around. My butt lifts out of the seat but the seat belt pins me. It feels like piano wire trying to split me. Ambient light seeping through my clenched eyelids vanishes. It’s dark and we’re still careening at extreme speed.

We are inverted and not slowing down. Another enormous bang and we’re right side up again, per my internal gyroscope. We’re still airborne and there’s a moment of nothingness, just whooshing wind

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