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that the word contains the word That’s what you want to do—keel over—after your third week on whichever highly restrictive diet nutrition advisor Chris Mohr, Ph.D., R.D. “It used to be ‘Is going on a diet a good idea?’” You’d think that with the increased exposure of fad diets, at least one would stick. But in 2017, Australian researchers reviewed 25 weight-loss programs and found that they “frequently fail to produce modest but clinically meaningful weight loss, with high rates of attrition.” Translation: Diets often backfire after a few months. Look, the best diet isn’t sexy. It doesn’t have celebrity endorsements. There’s no marketing strategy. The best diet is one that is based on the inclusion of healthful foods—not the exclusion of food groups—and will last you far longer than whatever Atkins, Zone, Whole30, paleo, Mesozoic, Bulletproof, or keto plan is hot. You need a plan that’s going to suit you for life. Here’s that plan.

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