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What Makes a Food Super? Ask Moringa.

“MORINGA OLEIFERA. Have you ever heard of that?” Mehmet Oz, M.D., asked his TV audience in 2012. “Moringa oleifera comes from the Himalayas! And there’s a tree in the northwest part of India, where this grows, that has been used for many, many centuries there, for the very reason that you feel you’re being sapped, which is that you don’t have enough energy.”

Dr. Oz and a guest stand behind a table covered in supplement jars and featuring a sign: reenergize your life. He presents her with a cup of moringa tea. It shimmers yellowish green in the glass cup. She sips and grimaces. She does not look reenergized.

Seven years after that episode, healthconscious consumers can find moringa everywhere from Whole Foods to Walmart and in teas, powders, and capsules. There are moringa snack bars, moringa energy shots, and even moringa snack puffs (gluten-free!). Its purported benefits include lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, fighting cancer, and even protecting against arsenic toxicity. Moringa products come emblazoned with all the standard buzzwords—“organic,” “pure,” “raw,” “vegan,” “non-GMO”—and often advertise that they’re better for you

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