The Dunlop Beyond the Rift Valley expedition is headlined by adventurer Peter van Kets and photojournalist Jacques Marais, with its core goal being to attempt the first recorded human-powered navigation of the Nile-Congo Divide, by bike,

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The Crag Master
The Ranger Raptor is Ford’s smallest offering in their Raptor line and the only Raptor available in SA, built in SA. Largely based on the Everest SUV chassis, this highly modified and reinforced reiteration of the Ranger is designed for off-road hoon
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hans1: Can my wife and I drive safely alone from Puros to Kunene? By ‘safely’ I mean vehicle-wise, with a Fortuner and Cooper Discoverer tyres. What would the best route be, and how long would the drive be? SA4x4: In the absence of comment from othe
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Ed’s Letter
In the 4x4 world, when a car as potentially game-changing as the Defender is re-launched, there is a lot of hype and excitement. To be offered an early chance to showcase the talents of the latest from Land Rover is an honour, and here it is! Testing