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Where Did You Go? A Conversation on Connecting with the Dead

Where Did You Go? A Conversation on Connecting with the Dead by Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley. Photograph of ghost space energy by Josh Marshall
Photograph by Josh Marshall

A conversation with Christina Rasmussen about accessing non-local consciousness where we can reconnect with out “lost” loved ones and gain higher insight.

Several years ago, my paternal grandmother passed. It was a difficult time for me and my aunt, with whom I was very close, who had just lost her mother. We were both in grief, so we spoke on the phone several times a week in an effort to console each other. During one of the conversations, I said to my aunt, “I just wish I knew they were okay.” By “they,” I was referring to both of my grandmothers. It had been 20 years since the passing of my maternal grandmother and I still missed her dearly. 

Later that night, following my sincere request to know if my deceased grandmothers were okay, I had a dream that wasn’t really a dream. In the dream, my maternal grandmother appeared with a cold, white haze around the side of her face. In my glimpse, she

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