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 become known through his brightly coloured abstractions of cars, docks and boats on found objects like signs or abandoned sheets of metal. Entwined with the colonial history of the city Knight lives and works in, his paintings speak to the ethos of industrialism that seeps into everyday life. Yet Knight is ready for

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Artist Profile3 min read
Tracey Moffatt & Hayley Millar-Baker
Any exhibition that includes Tracey Moffatt’s image making comes with a fanfare, and her collaborative show with photographer Hayley Millar-Baker, at Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, called ‘The truth of what occurred remains’, is no exception. Art
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Nicole Kelly
Do you paint en plein air or do you work in the studio from sketches or photos? Plein air is a really key aspect to my practice … a way of seeing and feeling the landscape on quite an emotional level. Without that I’d have nothing to work from in the
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Justine Varga
The photograph is often considered a visual expression of a singular instant, an isolated representation of a moment in time so infinitesimal that mechanical capture is the only means of suspending it. Today, rapid photographic images proliferate exp