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The Marvellous MV Back Catalogue
It’s easy to assume that MV Agusta was a troubled Italian race bike manufacturer that only made road-going versions of its racing bikes and few random twins, yet the truth is rather different. Over the three decades the firm produced motorcycles, t
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics2 min read
Tall Top-box Tales!
I’m firmly of the opinion that every bike needs a top-box fitted as soon as possible. Adding 30-40 litres of storage space lets me carry camera gear, spare riding kit, locks, emergency shopping, and plenty of other useful kit. It serves as a safety b
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837cc, DOHC, four-stroke four 69.0 x 56.0mm 85bhp @ 8750rpm N/A 5-speed 9.5:1 4 x Dell’Orto VHB27D 3.50 x 18 (F) 4.00 x 18 (R) 3.5 gallons (15.9 litres) 2 x 280mm discs (F), 1 x 280mm disc (R) N/A Our thanks to Made in Italy Motorcycles for the loan