Meme Distorts Quran Verses

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A viral meme has paired old misrepresentations of the Quran with a picture of Rep. Ilhan Omar.

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A handful of distorted quotes from the Quran have been circulating on blogs and anti-Islamic websites for years, but their exposure recently surged when they were paired with a picture of Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota in a meme.

That meme has been shared more than 50,000 times on Facebook alone.

It says that the Quran is Omar’s “daily Bible,” but the interpretations of the verses it quotes don’t come from any translation of the Quran we could find. Rather, they appear to have come from a 2005 on a website called , which explains on its “” page that it was started by six former Muslims. The site says they “felt it incumbent upon us to make the non-Muslim world aware of the reality of Islam, and undertake timely precautionary measures against this religion

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