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Viewpoint Tracy Calder

There is a poster above my desk that reads ‘comparison is the thief of joy' I look at this quote, attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, regularly, and I try my best to heed its warning. But recently I've been wondering if there are benefits to comparing myself to others in my field. Research suggests that when we know we are

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Blue Get It Too
Based in Bucks, Lorraine is a hair & make-up artist working in the fashion, TV, music and wedding industries, She now offers photography too. Visit for more info. Follow the social media campaign and watch the short film on Y
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Also Out Now
By Paul Trevor, Hoxton Mini Press, £25, 140 pages, hardback, ISBN 978-1-910566-50-3 ONE OF the joys of photography is that unsung heroes are still being discovered. Paul Trevor is a great example – a black & white documentary photographer who shot
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How To Take Great Cycling Shots
The key to a good image is invoking a feeling in the viewer. A cyclist has to look at the picture and think: I wish I could ride there/ride like that. A non-cyclist might think ‘how the hell do they do that?' Selecting a great vantage point is crucia