History of War


In a generic way Carlism is usually described as a dynastic, absolutist and religiously fundamentalist movement. In reality, from its origins, it placed great importance on preserving the old

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The Birdcatcher
Director: Ross Clarke Distributor: Signature Entertainment Stars: August Diehl, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina, Jakob Cedergren, Laura Birn Norway-set WWII movies are generally few and far between. Among the most well-known is the ripping yarn The Heroes Of T
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Princes, Marshals And Musketeers
Although he is most famous for leading the ‘Glorious Revolution’ and jointly ruling England, Scotland and Ireland with Mary II, William III’s military career long preceded his exploits in Britain. The only child of William II, Prince of Orange and a
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In the Autumn of 1944, after their successful breakout from the beachheads in Normandy and with German forces making a fighting retreat east, the Allied armies continued their advance, liberating villages, towns and cities. However their progress was