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Why Doctors Think a Kim Kardashian Selfie Is Important

A candid picture from the star could benefit millions of Americans who suffer from a chronic skin condition.
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer / MG18 / Getty

For better or worse, Kim Kardashian’s appearance has come to signify a particular sort of physical perfection. Kardashian might be most famous for her internet-breaking rear end, but even the minute details of how she presents herself—her glowing skin, the thickness of her eyebrows, her wardrobe—have seeped into American culture. A few posts on her Instagram account, which has 131 million followers, are enough to sell a lot of perfume, makeup, and in-app purchases.

That’s why it was all the more striking to see a photo she posted earlier this week, which showed her face not flawlessly groomed as usual, but in red, puffy splotches. Kardashian has been occasionally candid about dealing with routines she was trying in order to calm the incurable inflammatory illness. This was the first time she’s shown a severe flare-up on her face.

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