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Fitbit Versa Lite: Entry-Level and Affordable

Fitbit Versa Lite



PROS Lots of features for the price. Sleek, lightweight design. Long battery life. Easy to use.

CONS No on-device music storage. Sleep tracking is a bit finicky.

The Fitbit Versa is one of our favorite smartwatch/fitness tracker hybrids, and at $199.95, it offers a lot of value for your dollar. But not everyone needs a watch that can count their laps in the pool or store their music. If that includes you, you can save $40 with the $159.95 Versa Lite, which provides everything you need to track your health and fitness on a daily basis, minus a few of the more advanced features you get in the standard Versa model.

That makes it a good option for beginners, whether you’re looking for a fitness tracker, a smartwatch, or a little bit of both.


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