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10 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

Browsing slowing to a crawl, the inability to stream, dropped Wi-Fi signals, wireless dead zones—every one of these problems is maddening in a world where getting online has become as necessary as breathing. (Well, maybe not that critical—but important.)

If your Wi-Fi has gotten sluggish, you can find plenty of tools that’ll test the speed of your internet. But if the only way you can get decent reception is by standing next to your wireless router, these simple tips can help optimize your network.


Perhaps your router just needs an update. Router manufacturers are always tweaking their software to eke out a bit more speed. How easy—or how difficult—it is to upgrade your firmware depends entirely on your device manufacturer and model.

Most current routers have the update process built right into the administration interface, so it’s just a matter of hitting a firmware upgrade button. Other models, particularly if they’re older, still require you to go to the manufacturer’s website, download a firmware file from your router’s support page, and upload it to the administration interface. It’s tedious but worth doing. In fact, even if your wireless network isn’t ailing, you should update your firmware on a regular basis for performance improvements, better features, and security updates.


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