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...I’VE had a gutsful...They’re out to get us!” I answered the phone call, and those were the opening words of the conversation. No “hello” or “how are you…” The caller is a world famous (literally) hot rod builder. He had not long read the SIVANZ letter published in the March issue of NZV8* about the number of business advisory groups talking to government about climate change initiatives (pushing EV’s) and the potential that special interest vehicle (SIV) owners may be denied, or have restricted, access to fossil fuels in the future. He then read another article in the March issue of Classic Car magazine about the growing number of people (operating in political circles) ramping

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NZ Hot Rod3 min read
Climate Changed Winternationals
PERFORMANCE can be measured in many ways. For drag racers, the 52nd Australian Winternationals at Willowbank Raceway was the epitome of just that. Perseverance is also a form of performance, and for this Gulf Western Oil-backed event, Willowbank mana
NZ Hot Rod2 min read
Arrivals New
LONG-TIME hot rodder and Tri-Five enthusiast Richard Adlington landed this two-owner 1955 2 door post sedan from Chattanooga. It was purchased from a retired pharmacist’s 22-car collection and came available during a “thinning of the herd”. The tudor
NZ Hot Rod5 min read
The Sound Of Silence
NOT too long ago mufflers were considered a necessary evil with the performance crowd (that’s definitely us). Noise equalled power. Or at least, that was the general train of thought and of course, racket reigned supreme. You couldn’t have a hot rod