Never Gonna Give You Up

This issue is full of the latest gear. But no matter how great the new stuff, there’s some equipment that’s earned a forever home in our packs. We asked our Twitter followers: What do you bring with you every time you hit the trail? See what they

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The Vampire Trail
THE WOLF TRACKS cross the trail and disappear straight over the edge of the precipice. It makes no sense. We’re descending from the summit of Mt. Moldoveanu, at 8,346 feet the highest peak in Romania. The trail, a stony, knifeedge arête with thousand
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14. Riverlands
SUNSHINE SETS THE fall foliage around me aglow, each leaf casting a thousand shades of red and yellow against the blue sky on this rare, low-humidity fall morning in Arkansas. I’m about halfway along the 16-mile Little Missouri Trail, which follows i
Backpacker3 min read
BEST FOR SKI TOURING OUR TAKE Having to pull up your socks during a dayhike is bad enough, but in the middle of a 1,000-vertical-foot climb on skis? Pass. To combat this problem, Le Bent added three silicone strips to the inside of the Le Send’s top