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FROM PENS TO PASTILLES, THERE’S A CANNABIS PRODUCT FOR EVERY USER. 1–3. Beboe’s Calm formula CBD oil pen, Inspired sativa-blend vape, and sativa pastilles. 4. A Bliss vaporizer from Dosist. 5–7. A mint milk chocolate bar, matcha white chocolate bar, and milk chocolate square from Defoncé. 8–9. A bud jar from Lowell Herb Co., along with packs of the company’s pre-rolled joints. 10–12. Vaporizer pens and a flower bud from Statemade, the in-house brand of cannabis retailer MedMen. 13. Cannabis-infused Royal Mints from California’s Breez. 14. Dark chocolate blueberries from Sonoma County–based chocolatier Satori. 15. The Elite (top) and Nova (bottom) vapes from G Pen. 16. CBD-infused Awaken arousal oil from Foria, based out of Colorado. 17. Sativa (top) and CBD (bottom) pens from California’s Bloom Farms. 18. Terra dark chocolate espresso beans (top) and Petra mints (bottom) from Kiva Confections, a chocolatier based in California.

Marijuana has come a long way from the days of plastic baggies and glass jars filled with OG Kush and Sticky Icky Icky. Today’s cannabis (née weed) is sold in posh retail outlets, which stock dozens of different products, from medicinal-style vaporizers to THC-infused candies, aimed at veteran users and neophytes alike. In the past

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