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Rhubarb can get off to a good start earlier in the year and you may think you will be eating fat fleshy stems for months. But turn your back for a moment and the next thing you see is a bursting thick flower spike pushing up from the centre of the clump. Old plants are more prone to bolting than young ones and stress conditions, such as heat and drought, will push plants to flower. Keep beds shaded if possible and water well. Nip out any

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Sweet leaves TO SAVOUR
Cabbages are often taken for granted. A poor relation to trendy kale and broccoli with their much flaunted health benefits, the humble cabbage is a great staple that can be grown easily and virtually all year round. The sowing season for summer-harve
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Confusion Of A Novice Leek Exhibitor
The growing of exhibition leeks was about to seem easy compared to prepping the things for the show. There are a number of rules and regulations to meet, things such as – the leek has to be grown in the member’s garden which has to be in the club’s a