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GNOME GROWN With Daucus Making butterflies & beans

Climbing beans are a great starter veg for children because the seeds are large, so are easy for little fingers to handle. They are also fairly quick to grow too. For

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Kitchen Garden4 min read
How Green Is Your Garden ?
When it comes to protecting the planet, gardening is up there with walking instead of driving, turning off the lights and putting out the recycling. So if you grow your own food, you’ve already notched up a fair few brownie points (or should those be
Kitchen Garden2 min read
ONE TO TRY …carrot ‘Malbec F1’?
There are dozens of carrot varieties in the seed catalogues and new ones appearing every year, so it can be hard to make a choice if you fancy trying something new. Last season I tried a relatively new imperator type called ‘Malbec F1’ which is avail
Kitchen Garden4 min read
Try This Compost, For Peat’s Sake
Peat-free compost has been around for some time and we all know we should be using it. Peat bogs hold enormous quantities of carbon dioxide – they absorb more carbon dioxide than the world’s rainforests. The world’s largest peat bog, in the Congo, st