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November Tips
■ Through the winter months I always keep several cans full of rainwater in the greenhouse ready for when I need to water. This gives the water time to warm up a little so that when I do water, the plants are not shocked by freezing water straight fr
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Get Ahead With Garlic
This could be a sad time of year on the veg plot. A time when the last of the summer veg is harvested, leaving the allotment looking empty and forlorn. But there is another way of looking at it – and that is that you not only have trugfuls of fresh s
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How Did The Crops Do?
The season has been great – by far my best so far! I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the ‘Five Grow Live’ feature. The following is a round-up to date of my progress and, where appropriate, my taste appraisal: ■ Sweetcorn ‘Golden Bantam’: It i