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So many wonderful varieties of tomatoes, so little space to grow them in. As you know, I love to cook, so the varieties I want to grow should be for both salad and stew days. After eight years on the plot, I have whittled it down to three varieties. You can call me boring, but it is what we, as a family, like to eat and use. Not the ‘must grow this year’ variety craze; from year three, I stopped falling for that hook! But a wonderful experience all the same. The way I see it, you need one slicer and one dicer

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On The Plot With The 3 Mudketeers
When they’re not in the office or on the plot, occasionally the Mudketeers are let out – obviously dependent on good behaviour. Recently they visited Easton Walled Gardens near Grantham to do some filming and to enjoy all that Easton has to offer. Ea