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Q: Caterpillars have completely destroyed one of our gooseberry bushes. I have two more that have not yet been touched, but how do we now deal with this to stop them from attacking other fruit trees? Jenny Leighton STEVE SAYS: Your caterpillars ar
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Broad Bean Curry In Aubergine Sauce
A western bean making a delicious eastern curry, and this combo works. * This dish is predominantly made with hyacinth bean but in my opinion any fresh beans work, even fresh peas and in particular young French bean pods. Servings: 1-2 Time: 1 hour
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November Festivities
Cand cold are setting in on the allotment, after such a wonderful spring and summer. This season has served us well with decent weather and we are thankful for the harvests brought in that will keep through the winter. What won’t store well has eithe