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Taking cuttings can be a bit hit and miss, with many plants rotting off or drying out – but the new Greenhouse Sensation 80 Plant Hydropod Cuttings Propagator prevents these issues by constantly misting them from below. There’s also no soil involved, so no risk of soil-borne infection. Fill the reservoir, place the cuttings in the sponge discs and switch on the sprayer

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Kitchen Garden5 min read
Get Ahead With Garlic
This could be a sad time of year on the veg plot. A time when the last of the summer veg is harvested, leaving the allotment looking empty and forlorn. But there is another way of looking at it – and that is that you not only have trugfuls of fresh s
Kitchen Garden4 min read
The Cultivated Plot: Feeding Frenzy!
Very little gets wasted in the Strong household and I seem to have developed a reputation as a bit of a hoarder, so much so that it’s not unknown for vans to stop off at our house on the way to the tip. My landscape pal, Karl, has dropped off some re
Kitchen Garden4 min read
Log In To Mushrooms
A great way to grow mushrooms outdoors is on logs. If you take care in starting them off, they can produce mushrooms periodically for up to 10 years. There is growing variety in the mushrooms available too, not only shiitake and oyster, but also lion