EVERY WOMAN WHO HAS ENTERED THE FREE-WEIGHT pit of a commercial gym has experienced it at some point: Despite your oversized headphones, pinpoint focus and intentional resting bitch face, an overly “helpful” guy will eventually walk up and bro-splain something to you. Ranging from the inane (no, my uterus will not fall out if I squat) to the slightly more plausible (should I really worry about lactic acid?), these fitness-related myths have been adopted as fact by many of the ignorant gym-ilk, who then take it upon themselves to propagate the foolishness — while also trying to make themselves look smart.

Here are some of the most pervasive bro-science myths that should be banned from the training floor. So the next time a bro approaches you with one of these terrible 12, you can woman-splain the truth.

The Lactic-Acid Lie

MYTH: You must do _____ (cardio, stretching, foam rolling, massage, etc.) to clear the lactic acid from your muscles and prevent soreness tomorrow.

Lactic acid has nothing to do with soreness and may not even be as closely linked to the “burn” as we once thought. Lactic acid is produced at the end of glycolysis — the metabolism of carbohydrates — when

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