Unlike other flavor-of-the-month fitness trends, resistance bands — specifically superbands — seem even more valuable today than they did a decade ago. From mobility exercises to dynamic warmups to band-only exercises, the versatility of these inexpensive and portable devices makes them an MVP of the weight room.

An effective and underused training strategy is combining bands with traditional gym lifts, and two different techniques have been embraced by strength athletes over the last several years. Both train body control and strength, and they may help you smash through plateaus while simultaneously beating boredom.


The problem with weight training is that 100 pounds is always 100 pounds, no matter where you are in a rep — at the weakest part of the force curve (such as in the hole of a squat) or at the strongest (such as at the top of a bench press). If you service the weak part of the motion and go lighter, you might not stimulate the muscle properly. If

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