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Textured Hollows
95cm of White Tigertail 110cm of White Ostrich Wool 1 x 14mm parrot clasp and tag 18 x silver crimp beads 2 x bead cones 2 x 40mm silver eye pins 2 x 5mm silver jump rings 7 x 18mm Hollow Glass Beads 20 x 7mm White Button Freshwater Peals 4 x 11mm Wh
Creative Beading Magazine2 min read
Spirals of Silver Pendant
1 x 7 gram packet of PMC3 clay Olive oil spray Decorative cord or your choice of beads or chain Rolling pin or short piece of electrical conduit Placemat or coaster with texture 2 x Paddle Pop sticks Paper towel 1 x small diameter drinking straw Non
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Benjamin’s Crafts
Solder Flux paste Silver for base frame .2 fine stainless steel wire Setting cups Metal sections 80 watt soldering iron Fine chisel tip Pine wood Clothes pegs – optional Toothbrush Rating Soft soldering is almost always used in fashion jewellery s