Have you ever stepped outside to gaze at the glittering stars before bed? As humans, we don’t spend much time outside after dark – we are diurnal, which means we eat, talk, work and play during the day, and spend most of the night sleeping. But the world at night is a wilderness in itself, full of animals, birds and insects that have adapted perfectly to life

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The Grandmother Hypothesis
To find out why grannies exist, you need to look in two places: the church records of northern Germany, and the orca pods of the north Atlantic. The reason for the existence of grannies might not be something that has overly concerned you. So long as
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Rebel Dogs
With their puppy-dog eyes, toothy grins and hundred-mile-an-hour tail-wags, most people with pets say their dogs definitely love them. But do they really? There’s been a lot of research on that very question. We now know that dogs can recognise human
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London England
Tell us about your life and interests. My name is Sholto and I am nine years old. I live in Notting Hill in London. When I grow up, I want to be a marine biologist. Do you have any pets? We’ve got mice but they’re not really pets. I would love to