Sea Birds


Because they look like toys – so pretty in their stripy bills and bright orange feet, so serious in the way they prance about their colonies like little gentlemen in tailcoats with faces like clowns – puffins are our favourite seabirds. But there is a lot more to a puffin than sweetness. All winter they are alone, out in the wilds of the Atlantic, some of them spending months much

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The Show Boy
Ishouldn’t have gone to the parlour. I should never go to the parlour, unless I’ve been ordered to clean out the fireplace or dust down the bookcases. I was supposed to be in the kitchen helping Mrs Sandall, the cook, take the stones out the greengag
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The Hero Librarian Of Timbuktu
How far would you go to protect your most treasured possessions? What would you be willing to risk to save your family’s precious heirlooms? These were the questions facing Abdel Kader Haidara in 2012 when his city of Timbuktu, in the West African c
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In 1932, an American biologist named Ivan T. Sanderson was on safari in Cameroon when he sighted a beast so enormous that it made an elephant look like a child’s toy. Sanderson reported its head alone was almost the size of a fully grown hippopotamus