Sea Birds


Because they look like toys – so pretty in their stripy bills and bright orange feet, so serious in the way they prance about their colonies like little gentlemen in tailcoats with faces like clowns – puffins are our favourite seabirds. But there is a lot more to a puffin than sweetness. All winter they are alone, out in the wilds of the Atlantic, some of them spending months much

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BY ANNE BOOTH Catnip h £6.99 REVIEW by Michelle, age ten This book is a book like no other! This book has links to history but is also very interesting. It takes us on an adventure to the remote island of Lindisfarne. Anyone who reads it can
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Lucky Accidents
Not all accidents are unlucky. Some unlikely mishaps have led to incredible inventions. Find out how the serendipitous slip ups of a giggling Georgian, a sloppy cook and a lazy scientist have made the world a safer place. Suppose you’re unlucky eno