e have decided to get our internet connection moved forward into the 20th Century. When we moved into our current very rural home back in the ’80s everyone was on dial-up at 56kbps… things have unfortunately not moved on much. Due to our distance from the local telephone exchange (5.5-6km), and our distance from the cabinet (3.4km), and being on a copper-wire service

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Data Gone Wild
Your data is one of the most valuable assets any company holds. The adage goes that when a product is free, you are the product: Facebook, Google, et al make money from the contents of their data centres. While in theory nothing stored should ever li
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Stay Spy–free
Reader Colin Robertson recently contacted us with a concern about connectivity and oversharing. “It feels more and more like an adversarial relationship between consumers and the companies who want to spy on — I mean, serve us,” he writes. “I’m inter
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Step Four: Rip It Up And Start Again
WHEN YOU FEEL like your Mac is hopelessly cluttered, it might seem easier to delete everything and start from scratch than work out what to remove. If all your work, photos and other content was in iCloud, you could theoretically just erase your Maci