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Professional Repair Options
WHAT CAN I DO IF MY MACBOOK’S BATTERY IS GIVING UP THE GHOST? IT’S OBVIOUS WHEN your MacBook’s battery starts to struggle: it runs down faster, then might charge erratically. These symptoms can have other causes, so try resetting the SMC (see page 22
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How many Apple devices do you own in total? I’ve a few myself, including an iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone (along with some other smart home devices, but let’s just call these the “bread and butter” of Apple products). If I needed to work remotel
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Google Nest Wi–Fi
$269 (router and point) From Google, Features 802.11ac radio, AC2200 2x2 antennas, dual–band 2.4/5GHz Google Wi–Fi was a hit: a simple, inconspicuous mesh router that did the job. Google being Google, they’ve replaced that with a new