Make a wireless backup

more convenient than cabled, not least for a MacBook, so it’s a shame that Apple’s AirPort hardware was discontinued. Time Capsule may have been expensive, but

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Get To Grips With Apple Mail
WE’RE LIVING IN an age where communication is dominated by social networks, along with a revitalization of instant messaging (what with the Slacks of this world). But email still remains a vital communications tool for many. On iPad and iPhone alike,
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FEW PEOPLE HAVE come to embody Apple in the modern era as much as Jony Ive. Apple’s chief designer has had his hand in every great project to come out of Apple for the last 25 years, from the iMac G3 and iPod to the iPhone and iPad. As his status gre
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APPLE EXPLAINS, AT, the levels of security that apply to iCloud data. It makes a distinction between “encryption” and “end–to–end encryption”. The latter means your information can be accessed “only on devices where you’re signed int